Amateur Radio

Details on the upcoming Ham Radio Basic Course are here.

Welcome to the homepage of VE6LK, VE6VPD, AI7LK and formerly VE3LKV (2007-2012).  Use the drop-down menu above to see articles related to this topic.

I am the Secretary for the Foothills Amateur Radio Society.

I am currently learning about repeater maintenance and digging deeper into Digital Modes and APRS.

I host IRLP node 1483 here at my home.  Do you need a quick IRLP lesson to use it?  I am the owner of the VE6VPD repeater.

I’ve built a couple of kick-ass Fan Dipoles over time.  If you are interested in the plans I followed, contact me via the email listed on the home page.

The drop-down menu above links to articles about the 2013 High River Flood that were published in TCA, The Canadian Amateur magazine.  A video of a presentation I gave on the matter to the North Vancouver Emergency Management Office in 2014 is posted on YouTube.

I’m the guy who did the graphics layout for the last two RAC Band Plan charts just like this one.

Want to learn more about Ham Radio?  Once in a while we teach a course in the Foothills of Southern Alberta.

You can see more about my station by visiting my page on QRZ.COM.