2013 Southern Alberta Floods – Five Years Later

November/December 2018 Cover Page

This article was published in TCA, The Canadian Amateur, Canada’s Amateur Radio Magazine, November/December 2018 edition.  Copyright Vince d’Eon 2018.  This article may not be reproduced without the author’s permission.  If you like this article then check out part one and part two.

The following article was written by Vince d’Eon, VE6LK/AI7LK, of the Foothills Amateur Radio Society/ARES in Okotoks, Alberta along with contributions from Dann St-Pierre, VE6TD/KU7R and others.

Five years ago Radio Amateurs in Alberta helped out emergency responders during one of Canada’s largest natural disasters – the Southern Alberta Floods of 2013. The articles I wrote about the Amateur response to that event were originally published in the September-October 2013 and November-December 2013 issues of The Canadian Amateur magazine.

This article describes where we are five years later. It is my hope that you learn from our successes and mistakes, and incorporate these into your group or personal plans. Feel free to reach out to me via @vincedeon on Twitter to discuss it further.


November 9 edit.  If you’ve been here before you may notice that most of the article is now missing.  I had an oops on my part and published it prematurely.

TCA Magazine will be out shortly, and in a while I’ll be able to post it here.  In the meanwhile, hit up your favourite Ham Radio newsstand and pick up a copy to read it yourself.