Radio Go Kit

I do a fair amount of public service events like Rallysport and help respond during disasters.  After the 2013 floods, a personal goal of mine was to build up a radio go-kit that I could grab quickly and run out the door.  The core of the kit packs into a single Pelican case obtained at a Flea Market.  All photos are clickable for enlargement.

The core of the kit

The kit consists of a Yaesu FT-8800, Yaesu FT-857 w/SSB filter and DSP, LDG FT-Meter, Powerwerx SS-30 power supply, SignaLink USB interface and an external speaker with a A/B switch to easily go between headphones or the external speaker.  The choice of radios gives me wide adaptability in terms of how many frequencies I can monitor at once as well as modes.  The radios are mounted on a sheet of aluminium checkerplate which is durable and provides a ground.

Companion items accompany it in a matching case and include my headphones, HTs, chargers, spare batteries, HT chest pouches, mics, and HT antennas.  It also carries the LDG Z-11 Pro tuner for the FT-857.  All cases are well marked with my callsign on 3 sides for easy identification along with larger items like clipboards.

Feedline, 120V power cords, 12v clip to Powerpole cords and wire antennas travel in another plastic case along with basic pens/pencils/clipboards/paper, magnetic hooks, phone chargers, travel router, computer cables as required along with a variety of dollar store carabiners from 1″ to 6″ in size.

Full radio go kit just before load-out

Magnetic hooks and carabiners are used to get feedline up to a ceiling and over and out of a window – this works great just about anyplace and especially in rooms with drop ceiling tiles with T-bars.  Pro-tip (from the guy who made this mistake): don’t use cheap hooks, get these ones and ignore the rest.

Magnetic hooks and carabiners getting feedline outside to antennas
In typical use at #netcontrol


It all fits neatly inside the case
Powerwerx SS30 supply is HF quiet
Closeup VHF/UHF side
Closeup HF side minus the tuner

I hope that this writeup inspires you and gives you fresh ideas for your kit.